White Wolf Snowmobile Club
The White Wolf Snowmobile Club, with the help of it's staff and appreciated volunteer members, maintain a number of chalets strategically placed along it's trail system. Through their efforts, there is usually an adequate supply of wood available so you can light a fire and remove the winter chills from your bones. They are often used for shelter when the weather gets bad and refuge is needed.
Putting the finishing touches at the chalet. (larger version)
Fraggle Rock
This is the chalet located at "Fraggle Rock" which is on the Ironstone and Walsh River trail. This enlarged chalet should be finished just as the new season starts.
South Trail
Members Jackie and Glenn Granter (l) and friend Wanda Hiscock (r) stop at the chalet on the South Trail to for a mug-up.
Grand Hermine
Jackie and Wanda at the chalet at Grande Hermine.
Southwest Arm
The chalet at Southwest Arm of Shabogamoo Lake on the North Trail to Grand Hermine.
Border Chalet
Mills Chalet. Please make sure you DO NOT overfill the stove!

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