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Using the White Wolf Snowmobile Clubhouse located on Tanya Lake as home base, it can take up to three full days for riders to travel the trails that are located within a ten to fifteen kilometer radius.

The variety of terrain and the awesome sights that they will experience will ensure that boredom will not be a problem. Riders will experience open fields, valleys, rivers, lakes and a challenging hill or two. They will pass near two iron ore mines, three communities, camping parks and a whole bunch of private cabins and chalets. There are several high observation points where it is possible to see for more than 25 kilometers.
Trail Conditions as of Feb 08, 2013 (larger version)
Trail Conditions
2019 Trail Map (larger version)
Updated 2019 Trail Map
Here is our latest trail map showing all new changes. We no longer have a chalet at the border as it has been moved to the Mills Trail.

Trail Map 2013 - Med Res (1.4 MB)
Trail Map 2013 - Hi Res (3.9 MB)

Trail Map #2
Older Maps
These maps show the trails around Labrador West, to the Ashuanipi River and then to the Esker Siding.
Trail Map 1 - Lo Res (250 kb)
Trail Map 1 - Hi Res (511 kb)

Trail Map 2 - Lo Res (561 kb)
Trail Map 2 - Hi Res (1,583 kb)

A topographical map showing the trails immediately around the towns of Labrador City & Wabush.
Topo Map 2012 - Lo Res (764 kb)
Topo Map 2012 - Hi Res (2,162 kb)

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