White Wolf Snowmobile Club
Current Conditions
Here are current conditions for each section of the White Wolf Snowmobile Trails.
Section Condition Date Checked Date Done Comments
Labrador City: Local Sections Groomed    Jan 23  Please be careful of rocks. 
Wabush: Local Sections Groomed    Jan 23  Wabush local trails, Elephant Head as far as Loon was groomed today. 
Tanya to Walsh River/Duley Lake Groomed    Jan 25  This section is groomed.  
Duley Lake to Quebec Border Groomed    Jan 25  This section was groomed. 
Duley Lake to Wabush Groomed    Jan 24  The groomer crossed Duley today. 
Loon Lake to Mills Lake Groomed    Jan 24   
Smokey Mountain/Ironstone Groomed    Jan 25  this trail is groomed but please watch out for rocks.  
South Trail - Grand Hermine Groomed    Jan 25  The South Trail is groomed to Demille chalet.  
North Trail - Grand Hermine Groomed    Jan 24  The North trail is groomed to Southeast Arm. The groomer struck slob on the ponds and on Southwest Arm so please be careful.  
Blueberry Hill Areas Groomed    Jan 24  Blueberry Hill and Albert Lake areas were groomed today. 
Grand Hermine - Ashuanipi River        
Ashuanipi - Esker        
Excellent: Flat hard packed trails with no drifting.
Good: May have some drifting, light snow fall. These trails are safe to drive on.
Fair: May have heavy drifting, heavy snow fall. Use discretion when driving on these trails.
Broke: Trail has been broken with groomer. Trail is passable however Caution should be excersized as trail still in need of more snow.

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