White Wolf Snowmobile Club
Current Conditions
Here are current conditions for each section of the White Wolf Snowmobile Trails.
Section Condition Date Checked Date Done Comments
Labrador City: Local Sections Good    March 16   
Wabush: Local Sections Good     March 14   
Tanya to Walsh River/Duley Lake Good     March 16   
Duley Lake to Quebec Border Good    March 16   
Duley Lake to Wabush Good    March 15   
Loon Lake to Mills Lake Good     March 11   
Smokey Mountain/Ironstone Good    March 16   
South Trail - Grand Hermine Good     March 19   
North Trail - Grand Hermine Good    March 18   
Blueberry Hill Areas Good    March 18   
Grand Hermine - Ashuanipi River Good     March 18   
Ashuanipi - Esker Good    Feb 21  Esker trail is now groomed 
Excellent: Flat hard packed trails with no drifting.
Good: May have some drifting, light snow fall. These trails are safe to drive on.
Fair: May have heavy drifting, heavy snow fall. Use discretion when driving on these trails.
Broke: Trail has been broken with groomer. Trail is passable however Caution should be excersized as trail still in need of more snow.

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