White Wolf Snowmobile Club
Breaking Trail (larger version)
Keeping the Trails Up To Par
The White Wolf Snowmobile Club has four groomers to keep the trails open and groomed. It has one Bombardier BR-180, one Pisten Bully PB-100 and two Pisten Bully PB-200 as well as a number of drags. The drags cut the bumps, fill the dips and pack the snow.
The BR-180 is breaking trail near Boot Lake. (larger version)
Our BR-180 At Work
The Bombardier BR-180 is our oldest Snow Cat. This machine has given our club great service over the years.
WWSC Pisten Bully PB-100 (larger version)
Pisten Bully PB-100
Our Pisten Bully is a general use machine, used often to keep the trails in good shape.
The PB-200 breaking through a high snow drift. (larger version)
The Main Workhorse
Our one Pisten Bully PB-200 is used for clearing up snowfalls and for putting the trails back in good shape. The 12 foot snow blade help to keep the trails up to the high standards that the Club staff have set.
White Wolf snowmobile Club buildings and facilities as seen from the Fermont Highway. (larger version)
Clubhouse and Garages
Situated on Tanya Lake, the White Wolf facilities include a clubhouse, two garages and a storage shed.

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